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Collection Models agency is happy to offer first-class escort that is beyond your expectations. We are well aware of how precious every minute of your free time is, so we are ready to organise everything as it should. Only selected seducers will be presented to you to choose from. If you are a supporter of an active lifestyle, we recommend the following to you.

The ice rink will be an unusual but fascinating decision. Incendiary music and fun parties are the perfect way to spend time skating. Or visit the gym, go fishing, play rugby. In general, do not get bored together. And any activity will be to your liking. After sunset you will see a completely different picture.

For lovers of later entertainment there is a great many nightclubs. Here you can, as well as anneal to incendiary music, and listen to the performance of famous musical groups. Or have some cocktail at the bar. Their range will amaze you. A swim in the pool would also be a good idea. After all, the best of them are located on the roofs in the open. This is certainly not everywhere you will see. By the way, the longest of them reaches ninety meters in length.

The diversity of the parks involuntarily forces them to explore them and enjoy the beauty of the city. After all, here there is more than enough romance. No wonder this town is considered one of the greenest in Europe. Be sure to visit famous restaurants and pubs. The former go for delicious food, the latter for an inveterate atmosphere. The continental breakfast is certainly worth a try. It includes the following positions: crispy cereal, delicious croissants, jam, flavored coffee, amazing sliced ​​ham and cheese, fried eggs and bacon, toasts and more.

The meaning of it is that if you survived it, then you can safely leave lunch at side. And most importantly, everything is fresh. For those who like to explore everything on their own, we suggest renting a car and exploring the vast expanses. A companion can organise a mini tour and talk about the sights that will fall into your field of vision. Nice idea. High class female companions will help you relax with body and soul, leaving all the worries and urgent matters behind. Only the best and only for you, dear friends!