At Collection Models we love to say ‘yes' as much as possible!


- Yes! We will give you one of the best customer service experiences possible.

- Yes! We go the extra mile and we encourage you to ask us questions.

- Yes! We want to help you create a perfect date with a classy and beautiful lady.


But on the odd occasion, there are a few things that will not be possible when working with us:


- No to one-hour bookings.

- No to last minute bookings.

- No to in-calls.

- No to anonymous clients.

- No to discussing explicit details.

- No to prices negotiating.


Additional frequently asked questions:


Q: How much notice do you require to organise a meeting?

A: A minimum of 24 hours is needed, but it is better for you to contact us well in advance. We book the majority of our dates with one to five weeks’ notice. We do not organize same day dates or last-minute reservations.


Q: What is the best way to make a booking with Collection Models?

A: You can text us in WhatsApp at +1 289 750 9849 or send us your request at [email protected]

Please introduce yourself briefly (name, age, nationality) and advise the following details:

  • Where you would like to meet?
  • On which day?
  • At around what time?
  • And for how long?


Q: Do you provide in-call services?

A: No, we don’t.


Q: When is the best time to get a hold of you?

A: Our office hours are 9 a.m. - 11 p.m.


Q: What is the latest time that a date with a model can begin?

A: No later than 23:00.


Q: What is a minimal duration of the date?

A: 2 hours.


Q: Do you organize travel dates?

A: Yes, our ladies are available as private travel companions in US and internationally.


Q: As a new or interested client, can I receive pictures of the ladies' faces?

A: No, our models expect safeguarding of their privacy. Therefore, we will not send pictures to those we do not know.


Q: Is it possible to use your service anonymously?

A: We are sorry, but it is not. Screening is a must. We assure that all the details will be kept with absolute confidentiality.


Q: Is my data and identity safe?

A: Yes, absolutely. We do not save any traceable information.


Q: Are the photos genuine?

A: We assure you that all photographs are real and accurately reflect the appearance of each model. Portfolios are regularly updated, and while Photoshop has been used for some images, we guarantee that who you see is who you get.


Q: Can I contact the model directly?

A: We are sorry, but it is not possible. All the communication and arrangements can be done exclusively through the agency.


Q: We are a couple; can we book a date?

A: Yes, several models are available to meet with couples. Additional charge will apply for this service.


Q: Do you offer duo dates?

A: Yes, we do.


Q: What means of payment do you accept?

A: Paper:

We prefer dealing with cash payments in USD.

Crypto currencies:

All the main crypto currencies are welcome.


Paypal is available for regular clients only.

Bank transfer:

You will receive our bank details by e-mail. Bank transfers should appear in our account before your date begins.